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Unforgettable keepsake

Explore the most beautiful places on the island with your own personal photographer and take home unforgettable impressions. This professional service – including fun factor – is much more affordable than you may think. Please consult us for your personal quote!

Testim, so that your most beautiful day will be even more than this

Let your dream come true and tie the knot on Mallorca. Also birthday parties, company events and anniverseries will become something very special with Testim.

Rent a cook

Are you looking for a holiday within a stunning property, where you can relax and enjoy lazy days under the sun…..but you aren’t too happy with all the cooking…….then concern yourself no further…..we can arrange for a chef too!!! He came, he cooked and yes, he even did the washing up!!!!
All you have to do is to choose your menu, sit back, relax and enjoy the divine cuisine… and let our chef do the rest!!!…..hmmmmmmm

Aesthetic and erotism…..yes please!

Which woman has not dreamt of having a once in her lifetime really great photo of herself? Away from any pornography: the artistic eye of the photographer converts the little belly fold into an eyecatcher, crow’s feet into an attribute of beauty!
Far away from home it seems to be easier for us females to show, what and who we really are: A natural beauty admist stunning settings!